We provide Freetown information whenever you need it, helping you locate shops, public space, and info into a more satisfying visit at Christiania


It all started in 2012 with a Facebook page, PolitiRazziaPåChristiania where all the SmokeBuddy´s was posting observations, pictures, and questions about Christiania.

In 2015, our post wasnt reaching our community because of a Facebook change.
Thats why we made the first edition for a better communication platform, that was called "Christiatus App" - In 2017, we desided to reach the world,
and changed the name to SmokeBuddy App.


The welcome screen makes an overview of the different functions:

  • Top banner with great offers and news
  • CA Status - Chat wall 
  • Freetown Guide - What ever you need, you´ll never smoke alone
  • CA Tv - A great video collection.
  • Events - Locate your next SmokeBuddy aproved Event
  • Map - Navigate with the map, easy as 1,2,3 !
  • WorldWideWeed - All above, just outside Chrisitania


The CA Status is a popular option, to get answers, or just share a funny picture with cats.
We love, cats, and we love every single post made by SmokeBuddys.

....We do not accept everything:

  • No illegal sale post´s
  • Don´t be a jerk ... 
  • N0 racism or toxic behavior !

Be A Partner Today !

It´s very easy to join our businesspromotion platform - Just get in touch !

currently we are looking for providers of these categories:

  • Restaurants & Shops that support the legalisation of cannabis !
  • Transport business that support the legalisation of cannabis !
  • Headshops & Webshops that support the legalisation of cannabis !
  • Cannabis related business´ that support the legalisation of cannabis !
  • Artist´s and influencers that support the legalisation of cannabis !

                   Just get in touch :)


We don´t love ads either. 
But they help pay the app & the site


Eyes Open & Heads Up

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