We are tired of being hunted´ because of a plant that cures sickness, and helps weak people -

Useless laws made by the danish goverment is destroing the community, but the community is stronger and fights back !

Join Our Mission - To legalise the plant everywhere we need to do it.

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Those who occupied Christiania in 1971 were made up of homeless people, students, young people at odds with the family or community
and by some different oursiders.

They wanted to create a new community in Christiania that was different from the surrounding. The new society should give more room for freedom, creativity and community.

Christiania emerged in 1971, when a group of young people occupied the former Boatman's Barracks at Christianshavn, and renamed the area the Christian town of Fristaden.

Today Christiania is a collective of 34 hectares and a population of approx. 1000. Here all the residents help determine what is going to happen on the site. Christiania today has become an attractive tourist attraction, because of their different way of life and architecture, but also because of all their concerts,
markets and other experiences.


Birth Year.

1000+ Residents

Living in Christiania


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